An OpenHardware and OpenSource WiFi smartwatch.

This project attempts to create a sub 50 Euro "real" smart-watch.

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The current generation "smart" watches get their smarts from a Bluetooth connected device, in most cases a smartphone. Without this device they are useless.

All current opensource smartwatches are based on the Arduino platform, while eaasy to use and widely supported, it is a bit underpowered for web applications.

The ijWatch is here to challange all that and more.

What is this ijWare

The idea of ijWare is to create a simple platform for sharing mobile apps on inexpensive hardware. Create a smart-watch or a smart-radio, transform any device into a smart device.


Create real smart devices for your intranet-of-things. Every bit can be modified, upgraded and replaced, there are no black-boxes, no magic and no limits except for your own creativity.

Work in progress

The curerent state is that I have most of the ijWatch working on a breadboard, that includes using the ijStore and doing running some minimal apps.

Alpha device expected March 8th 2015